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Hey guys, I'm Dylan The User, I am a communist user that you'll ever seen. I'm extraordinary, and inconsiderate.

15, Male


Idiotville's middle School

Missing In Illinois

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Dylan-User's News

Posted by Dylan-User - 2 weeks ago

Damn you newgrounds, you had fucked up my animation!


Posted by Dylan-User - January 25th, 2020

there's gonna be a new comic coming up in next Saturday, and Sunday. i was just doing something very important

Posted by Dylan-User - January 19th, 2020

Maybe I'll do my animation series for a year later, since i couldn't afford adobe flash, i've decided to choose something to alternate from adobe flash. my animation series will now be postponed, its not gonna be release by june 14, ik its sucks, but i am guessing that i will create comic series. like i promise. but i will only post comics in saturday, and sunday.


Posted by Dylan-User - January 4th, 2020

Hey There idiots, idk if i can make an animation series by june 14, but i might change it maybe it depends the money i got. i am not gonna post my animation series on june 14th, because i still don't have enough money like i promise to release the series. and its very hard to get the software, and the drawings pad. which its gonna took me a year to save up money, or not. and no, i am not begging money like a homeless guy. Let me continue on my life.

Posted by Dylan-User - January 2nd, 2020

Hey Newgrounds, happy new year of 2020! the first year of 2020s. anyway, i am about to do some character changes, but the only character is gonna get change is me... yes that's right, the character "Dylanlifes" supposed to have brown hair, but instead of brown hair, its obviously a black hair, so i am changing the black hair to brown hair, it's gonna take me 3 hours to change the character's hair.

Posted by Dylan-User - December 31st, 2019

Yes i've draw some stupid childhood decade drawing, i haven't put too much effort into it...but hey, happy new years everyone!


Posted by Dylan-User - December 30th, 2019

i am bored, i just woke up at 3:05 pm, and i am feeling hype, so please tell me what to draw? either its gonna be my animation series, or something else. you vote. which nobody ain't gonna respond to that.


Posted by Dylan-User - December 29th, 2019

Hey Newgrounds, today that i am working on the scripts, and the art as well. i'd prefer art then scripts, because the the scripts will be harder to make, and its gonna take me 2 weeks just to finish it. I am still doing art, so please hold your patience for once.



Posted by Dylan-User - December 27th, 2019

Hey there users, since i am creating 'Dylanlifes' very soon, i can't just animate until either may or April, and then the full episodes will be release by June 14 2020, but, i need enough time, and put more effort into my pilot episode, i mean, some of you guys might criticize this show, which i don't really care about it, I'll Just leak some "DylanLifes" clips, which it will be made by Microsoft-paint, and put a date on it. soon enough, i will download adobe flash animate, If i had enough money to afford Adobe Flash Animate, i'd rather animate by 6:30-7:30 pm, and my schedule will be Saturdays, and Sundays. You guys don't have to donate me, and i am not gonna make some shitty ass donation page. i will get my own money, and get things straight out. Also, i am no longer to post any animations on My YouTube page, because this shitty ass coppa, and the ftc bullcrap. soon enough, i will try my best to do animations, and make the series stay alive. but theres like alots of problems, Danny, and the lsd stickman will not be requiring for voice acting. but, if theres any voice actor thats above age 15, will officially join. but i didn't get a drawing pad yet, which is bullshit. Also, I am making a comic series too about it, and its not gonna take me that long to finish it. but the comic series will be NOT leaking to the pilot episode. Thank Everyone for reading this message, and stay tune!

P.S- The Dylanlifes series will be require to be on microsoft-paint for more leaking the pilot episode.

sincerely - Dylan The User


Posted by Dylan-User - December 24th, 2019

hey everyone, of course y'all can look at your calendars, and whacha ya see? that's right its christmas eve! of course christmas is about spending time with family, and friends... i don't like how christmas eve works with bunch of cry babies in my house...later weebs. sorry for bothering ya.